Thank you!


Dr. Arzu Ari, Respiratory Therapy

Dr. Arzu Ari – Respiratory Therapy

Thank you, Dr. Ari, for being such a knowledgeable, polite, respectful, helpful, accessible, and caring professor. I appreciate how you were able to generate interest of us students in the Research Methods course by grouping respiratory therapy students with nursing students. This not only helped hold our attention in class, but it also allowed us to interact with nursing students, therefore, learning from each other. So, thank you for teaching us the various research processes and helping us create lasting relationships with some nursing students. I have a newfound understanding of nurses now.

Christina Tice, CNM, RN, MSN – Nursing

Thank you for being so passionate about educating all students and myself about caring for childbearing families. I went into the class thinking, “Please, let this be over soon!” and I never thought I would’ve loved labor and delivery nursing as much as I did. You are an impeccable professor, and I hope you will continue to enlighten future nursing students at Georgia State.

Dr. Traci Sims – Nursing

Thank you for all that you have bestowed on us about how to present ourselves with professionalism and educating us on skills that we will continue to carry with us regardless of the nursing specialty we choose. You truly made psychiatric mental health nursing riveting, and I hope you choose to keep Georgia State as your home because students need more professors like you!

Brent Murray – Respiratory Therapy

Thank you for teaching us as we took baby steps into the world of Respiratory therapy. Thank you for encouraging us when the going gets tough.

Dr. Lisa Cranwell-Bruce – Nursing

Thanks for being one of the BEST professors in the program and for truly caring about your students. You were always there early for review sessions, available to answer questions, and willing to mentor students as they navigated nursing school. Thanks for being an inspiration and a fantastic educator!