Teaching Perspectives Inventory (TPI)


Many colleges and universities create opportunities for faculty development in the area of teaching and learning in a variety of ways. This can play an important role in the recognition and advancement of educators. However, not all colleges or departments are the same and therefore many have unique professional development needs that are not necessarily met by college or university-wide endeavors. Specifically, faculty in the health professions, i.e., medicine, nursing, allied health, are generally clinicians or practitioners first, and then transition to formal teaching in an academic setting. This presentation will present how a college for health professions education created, not just a pathway for supporting faculty, but one that supports educational scholars. A Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) will be presented that summarizes five perspectives on teaching. This questionnaire will be available for participants to discover their own approach to teaching and therefore a better understanding of their personal perspective of teaching. The TPI is known to advance outcomes that foster the scholarship of teaching and learning; and the development of teacher scholars. Examples to be shared are educational projects related to the faculty’s discipline with details showing their progress towards completion and outcomes. This model is now sustained through teacher scholar-mentors who support junior faculty working on projects to achieve teacher scholar status. A rethinking of professional development afforded an opportunity to build interprofessional communities of education scholars, equipped to address graduate health professions education and the ultimate goal of improving student success.

To teach students to fish, their instructors must first know how to fish. This session is directed to the faculty development audience. Participants will be able to understand the scholarship of teaching and how targeted professional development can advance educators into teacher scholars. The audience will also complete a Teaching Perspective Inventory (TPI) to better understand their teaching and what professional development may be needed and the resources available to become a teacher scholar.

Teaching Perspectives Inventory Survey