The Lewis College Teacher Scholar Academy

Dr. Lynda Goodfellow with aerosolized medication delivery equipment

With the introduction of the Lewis College Teacher-Scholar Academy, our faculty has received many accolades. I want to recognize our teacher-scholars who are striving for excellence in their academic programs.

Last July, Professor Chip Zimmerman received the first Lewis College Teaching Excellence Award.  He aims to enhance the interprofessional education (IPE) activities of faculty and students, which is important because studies have shown that upwards to 70% of adverse events in the hospital setting occur due to a lack of interprofessional communication and/or collaboration1.  Professor Zimmerman used the award funding to purchase a Double Robotics 2 Telepresence Robot or “Louie”. He has teleconferenced-in faculty and healthcare professionals for instruction and simulation.  In May, he and six other faculty members will be attending the next Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC) meeting in Washington DC.

Kudos go to Professors Jessica Todd, and Catherine McCarroll (now retired) and Dr. Anita Nucci on their publication of “High-Fidelity Patient Simulation (HPS) Increases Dietetic Students’ Self-Efficacy Prior to Clinical Supervised Practice: A Preliminary Study” in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.  Find the article at J Nutr Educ Behav, 2016; 48:563-567.  Their findings support the use of HPS in graduate nutrition students due to an increase in their self-efficacy before supervised clinical practice.

The Office of Academic Affairs received a grant from the Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL) to support the Lewis College Teacher-Scholar Academy, and from this funding, three faculty members received a Teacher-Scholar mini-grant this past November.  Dr. Anne Lorio’s award “Improved Student Engagement in the Lewis School” funds her attendance at the Teaching Professor Conference this June in St. Louis where she will present “Technology Barriers in the University Classroom: The Laptop Factor.”  Congratulations Anne!

Professor Jessica Todd and Dr. Desi Wanders’ project “Evaluation of Supermarket Training as a Component of Graduate Nutrition Education” received funding to evaluate the value of a supermarket education experience.  The goal is to ascertain the role of a retail dietitian and the influence on pre-professional dietetic students in making career choices.  These awards foster recognition and respect for the valued role of teaching in the Lewis College.  More mini-grants will be offered next fall if funding from CETL continues.

The Teacher-Scholar Academy website has received over 80 unique visitors accessing the site since it went live on April 28, 2016.  The “Thank a Teacher” link resulted in 27 thank you notes submitted to the following faculty: Drs. Lisa Cranwell-Bruce, Douglas Gardenhire, Traci Sims, Arzu Ari, and Professors Christina Tice, Chip Zimmerman, Brent Murray, and Tamara Melton.  There were also two notes submitted from non-Georgia State University students thanking their teachers at their institution.

In closing, I am proud of these scholarly successes, and this provides evidence that the Lewis College faculty are using the resources provided through foundational support and grant funding to seek creative and meaningful activities that lead to increased understanding of patient interactions in actual patient settings.  Remember, the next Lewis College Teaching Excellence Award application is due March 1.   See details here.

Teach Well,
Lynda Goodfellow, EdD
Senior Associate Dean for Academics

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