Dr. Gordon Warren

University Distinguished Professor

Dr. Gordon Warren’s primary role in the SRMA Initiative is to provide the technical expertise necessary to carry out a rigorous, high-quality systematic review and meta-analysis (SRMA). He also provides and oversees SRMA-trained graduate research assistants who are available to assist college faculty in carrying out their SRMAs. If desired, he is available to provide guidance in the preparation of the product resulting from a SRMA project (e.g., manuscript, poster).

The expectations for the college faculty is that they have:

1) a quality research question answerable from the literature
2) content expertise in the question’s field
3) a willingness to work hard with the SRMA Initiative team

Dr. Gordon’s research over the last 30 years has been focused primarily on skeletal muscle physiology and the various injury- and exercise-related factors affecting strength. These studies have been carried out using models ranging from the single muscle cell all the way up to intact, conscious human and animal models. In 2006, he received his initial training in SRMA techniques from the Cochrane Collaboration, i.e., the parent organization for the Cochrane Library. This has been followed up with training in more advanced SRMA techniques, to include network meta-analysis, from a course taken at the University of Bristol in England. Dr. Gordon has passed on this knowledge by conducting workshops and seminars on SRMAs throughout the university. His SRMA publications are listed here.

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