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Kellie Mayfield

Assistant Professor    

2017. Graduate Certification in Community Engagement. Michigan State University.
2016. Michigan State University Dietetic Internship.
2016. Doctor of Philosophy in Human Nutrition. Michigan State University.
2004. Masters of Environmental Studies. Virginia Commonwealth University.
2001. Bachelor of Science in Biology. Bennett College.


Research Interests
Dr. Mayfield conducts theoretically centered community based mixed methods interdisciplinary research that engages marginalized communities as research partners. One of the primary goals of this research practice is to support community-level agency in a movement toward sustainable changes in their food environment. She is interested in and has experience working with multiple disciplines such as (Urban) Geography, Family Studies, Community Sustainability, Social Justice and Sociology. She is also interested in exploring additional variables that influence food intake and indicators of health, such as sleep and stress.

Selected Publications
Mayfield K, Carolan M, Weatherspoon L, Chung K, Hoerr S. African American Women’s Perceptions on Access to Food and Water in Flint, Michigan. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. Volume 49, Issue 6, June 2017, Pages 519-524.

2014 Hye-Jin Paek, Hyun Jung Oh, Yumi Jung, Tracy Thompson, Katherine Alaimo, John Risley, Kellie Mayfield. Assessment of a Healthy Corner Store Program (FIT Store) in Low-Income, Urban, and Ethnically Diverse Neighborhoods in Michigan. Family & Community Health. January/March 2014. /937(1), 86-99. doi:10.1097/ FCH.0000000000000014

2011 Eisenmann JC, Alaimo K, Pfeiffer K, Paek H-J, Carlson J, Hayes H, Thompson T, Kelleher D, Oh HJ, Orth J, Randall S, Mayfield K and Holmes D. Project FIT: Rationale, design and baseline characteristics of a school- and community-based intervention to address physical activity and healthy eating among low-income elementary school children. BMC Public Health. 2011, 11:607. doi:10.1186/1471-2458-11-607

Selected Presentations
 Food Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) Poster Presentation
Food Availability, Food Price and Food Quality: Associations with Race and Median Household Income in Flint, Michigan. Kellie E. Mayfield, Sarah Hession, Marsha Carolan, Lorraine Weatherspoon, Kimberly Chung and Sharon Hoerr. Boston, MA

2015 American Public Health Association (APHA) Oral Presentation
Using Community Engagement and a GIS-Based Community Food Assessment to Spatio-Temporally Target a Healthy Mobile Food Market in Flint, Michigan.
Sadler and K. Mayfield. Chicago, IL

2015 Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Poster Presentation
Perceptions of Food Access by African American Women with Children in an Urban Post-Industrial North American Central City.
Mayfield, M. Carolan, L. Weatherspoon, K. Chung and S. Hoerr. Milwaukee, WI

2013 Agriculture Food & Human Values Society (AFHVS) Poster Presentation
Community-Based Participatory Assessment of Food Availability in an Urban Midwestern Community. K. Mayfield, E. Caudell, F. Pleasant and K. Alaimo. East Lansing, MI

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Society of Nutrition Education and Behavior

2016-2013, 2011 GWIS (Graduate Women in the Sciences) MSU Lansing Chapter Academy Science Night
2009 –10 McNair Scholar Mentor/Mentee Program

Awards and Honors: Funding
2015 College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Dissertation Completion Fellowship
2012 NOSC (National Outreach Scholarship Conference) Engaged Scholar. Univ A, Birmingham
2012 Martin Luther King Endowment Scholarship      
2012 John Harvey Kellogg Endowment for Research Award
2012 Gerber Endowed Pediatric Scholarship
2015-13 National Science Foundation AGEP (Alliance for Graduate Education & the Professoriate)
2010 Scholar Award
2012 –14 AAGA (Academic Achievement Graduate Assistantship)
2013 Food, Health & Chronic Disease Endowed Fellowship
2013, Travel Fellowship from MSU Graduate School
2010 Food Science and Human Nutrition Department: HAMM Award
2009 Mickelson Human Nutrition Award