Bill Andrews Assistant Director
Dawn Aycock Director, PhD Program in Nursing and Associate Professor
Teresa Bates Clinical Assistant Professor
Dea Hanson Baxter Associate Professor Emerita
Dan Benardot Professor Emeritus
Benasha Berry Project Manager
Kyle Brandenberger Assistant Professor
Susan E. Breslin Clinical Assistant Professor, RN to BSN Program Coordinator
Vanessa Hall Brown College Web Manager
Barbara Browning Associate Professor Emeriti
Emily Buchman Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew John Butler Professor and Associate Dean for Research ,
Letitia Carelock Administrative Assistant ,
Cathy Carman Coordinator, Child Health PNP Graduate Program
Myra Carmon Retired, Associate Professor
Karis Casseus Clinical Assistant Professor
Mei-Lan Chen Assistant Professor
Yi-An Chen Assistant Professor
Yu-Ping Chen Associate Professor
Patricia Clark Professor
Kelli Clayton Nursing Services Coordinator
Mildred M. Cody Associate Professor Emerita
Joan Cranford Assistant Dean in Nursing, Clinical Professor
Lisa A. Cranwell-Bruce Clinical Assistant Professor
Stephan Davis Clinical Assistant Professor
Laura E. DeMars Clinical Instructor
Shernai Dodson Administrative Specialist
Victoria Dorsey Development Director
Lee H. Eades Clinical Assistant Professor
Vedica Eastman Clinical Instructor
Paula Echols Assistant to the Dean
Fayron Epps Assistant Professor
Brad Farrell Assistant Professor
Melissa Spezia Faulkner Professor and Byrdine F. Lewis Distinguished Chair in Nursing
Rafaela G. Feresin Assistant Professor
Larissa Frederick Clinical Instructor
Jamelle Funches Academic Advisor II
Sujay Galen Associate Professor, Chair
Jodan D. Garcia Clinical Associate Professor
Douglas S. Gardenhire Chair and Clinical Associate Professor, Governor’s Teaching Fellow
Robin Gardenhire Clinical Instructor
Patricia M. Garrett Preceptor
Grace Garrett HR Officer
Linda Gay Clinical Instructor
Angela Go Director of Communications
Lynda T. Goodfellow Professor of Respiratory Therapy and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs ,
Paula M. Gordon Clinical Assistant Professor, BSN Director
Jane B. Gore Clinical Assistant Professor
Carol Hall Grantham Clinical Assistant Professor
Cecelia Gatson Grindel Professor Emeriti
Jade Gross Clinical Assistant Professor
Diane Marie Harris Adjunct Professor, Health Scientist and Team Lead, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Terri Hendry Clinical Instructor/Lab Coordinator
Sandy Hewell Professor Emeriti
Courtney Hill-Ward College Financial Officer
Debi Hinerfeld Clinical Assistant Professor
Kimberly A. Hires Program Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice/Clinical Assistant Professor
Barbara Hopkins Clinical Assistant Professor, Emerita
Sue Hopkins Administrative Specialist
Eva M. Horne Clinical Associate Professor; Director, Master's Program; Director, FNP Program Track
Earl Hudson College Technology Manager
Carla F. Huggins Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education
Jake Irwin Clinical Assistant Professor, Faculty Practice Clinic Manager
Xiangming Ji Assistant Professor
Lesley Jones Administrative Coordinator
Susan J. Kelley Professor
Teresa Kibler Business Manager
Jana R. Kicklighter Associate Professor Emerita
Sarah Killian Clinical Assistant Professor
Kenya D. Kirkendoll Clinical Assistant Professor
Jiwon Lee Clinical Assistant Professor
Seung Hee Lee Adjunct Assistant Professor
Yoonjeong Lim Assistant Professor
Kristen Lingle Clinical Assistant Professor
Wanda Little Administrative Specialist
Lynn Long Clinical Assistant Professor
Anne K. Lorio Clinical Associate Professor, Board certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist physical therapist
Silas Ma-Nais Administrative Specialist
Catherine Macleod Postdoctoral Research Associate
Kinsuk K. Maitra Professor, Chair and Assistant Dean of International Initiatives
Jessica Marcus Clinical Instructor
Kellie Mayfield Assistant Professor
Jasmine Mccully Social Worker
Blake McGee Assistant Professor
Tanisha McGlothen Clinical Assistant Professor
Tiffany Mckesson Administrative Coordinator
John Milner Clinical Instructor, Informatics Specialist
Huanbiao Mo Interim Dean, Professor ,
Herb Molet Systems Specialist-Lead
Margaret F. Moloney Associate Professor Emeriti
Nikcole Moore Business Manager ,
Angela Morell Social Worker
Kimberly Morelli Clinical Associate Professor, Program Director
Miguel Muirhead Educational Technology Specialist
Robert “Brent” Murray Clinical Assistant Professor
Donna Myers Instructional Design Specialist
Alisia Nash Admissions Coordinator
Michelle Nelson Clinical Assistant Professor
Felisha Norrington Director, Academic Assistance
Kelli Nowviskie Dean's Office Administrator
Anita Nucci Interim Chair, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director
Molly L. Paulson Clinical Instructor
Robert Pettignano Clinical Professor
Kathy Plitnick Clinical Assistant Professor
Carolyn R Podolski Clinical Assistant Professor and Academic Fieldwork Coordinator
Martha Polovich Assistant Professor
Gregory M. K. Poon Associate Professor, Chemistry
Mary Dioise Ramos Clinical Instructor
Denisa Reed Academic Advisor III
Lynn Rhodes Grants & Contracts Officer III
Alonzo Richardson Systems Specialist-Intermediate
Joycelyn Riley-Pace Business Manager
Charretta Roberts Part-time Instructor
Anthony Roberts College Administrative Officer
Susan B. Roman Assistant Professor Emerita
Beverly D. Rosenberry Clinical Instructor
Christine A. Rosenbloom Professor Emerita
Lowell Sanders Clinical Assistant Professor
Jennifer Santoni Administrative Specialist
Lois Schwarze Clinical Instructor
Sabrina Sealey Administrative Specialist
Shi Huh Samuel Shan Clinical Instructor
Hang Shi Professor
Benasha Shine-Berry Project Manager
Traci Sims Clinical Associate Professor
Kenneth “Kip” Slade College Facilities Officer
Regena Spratling Associate Dean & Chief Academic Officer for Nursing, Associate Professor
Savannah Stephens Business Manager , ,
Amanda Stillings Business Manager
Robin Stith Social Worker
Walter R. Thompson Professor, Kinesiology
Deon Lee Thompson Clinical Associate Professor
Jessica D. Todd Clinical Instructor, Coordinated Program Director
Antega Townsend Social Worker
Stephanie Townsend Clinical Instructor
Cedric Truss Program Director and Clinical Assistant Professor
Liang-Ching Tsai Assistant Professor
Desiree Wanders Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Program Director
John Wang Administrative Specialist
Gordon Warren Distinguished University Professor
Patrick Washington Clinical Assistant Professor/Limited Term Faculty
Pey-Shan Wen Assistant Professor
Alana White Administrative Specialist, Senior
Jessica White Clinical Instructor
Kate Wiley CP Coordinator/Clinical Instructor
Misha Williams Admissions Coordinator
Lisa Williams Clinical & Residency Placement Coordinator
Masiki Williamson Administrative Specialist
Kevette Woolfalk-Molet Business Manager
Bingzhong Xue Associate Professor, Biology
Jenny J Yang Professor, Chemistry
Ralph “Chip” Zimmerman Clinical Associate Professor, Director of Clinical Education, Coordinator of Interprofessional Education
Ming-Hui Zou Professor, Center for Molecular and Translational Medicine