The Lewis College student ambassador program established by the Office of Dean,
provides an opportunity for outstanding Lewis College students to serve as official hosts and
goodwill ambassadors for the college. Student ambassadors will represent the college and the
dean with the highest level of integrity and professionalism.

  1. Must be a matriculating student in the Lewis College and is in good disciplinary standing as defined in the Student Code of Conduct.
  2. All students will be required to sign a waiver allowing the Dean’s Office to review their disciplinary and other relevant educational records.
  3. Must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 GPA at time of application.
  4. Must have a flexible schedule – available for night and/or weekend events.
  5. Exhibit strong public speaking & interpersonal skills - speak clearly and precisely with groups and individuals.
  6. Maintain regular contact with the Lewis College Advisor
  7. Exhibit an understanding of, or a willingness to learn about, all aspects of the Lewis College – history, administration, university mission, etc.
  8. Participate in events willingly and professionally.
  9. Show enthusiasm, loyalty and dedication to the Lewis College and to Georgia State University.
  10. Exhibit the ability to initiate conversations with alumni/donors and other VIPs.
  11. Exhibit strong customer-service skills: have a positive, helpful, “can-do” attitude.
  12. Maintain professional attire and appropriate appearance at all events.
  13. Attend mandatory training session and regular meetings.
  14. Sign confidentiality form and photo release form.
Ambassadors participate in the following types of programs and/or events:

  1. Convocation
  2. Donor and Foundation Trustee events
  3. Athletics events
  4. Alumni Association events
  5. Dean lunches and dinners
Applications are currently closed.

 Current Lewis College Ambassadors


Annemarie de Wet, Nursing (undergrad)

Karla DeSantos, Nutrition (undergrad)

Shannon Escarra, Physical Therapy (undergrad)

Rami Najjar, Nutrition (grad)

Kelsey Pelletier, Physical Therapy (grad)

Rebekah Phillips, Respiratory Therapy (undergrad)

Amanda Pitts, Occupational Therapy (grad)

Phiffer Reed, Occupational Therapy (grad)

Helen Schoening, Respiratory Therapy (undergrad)

Peyton Seabolt, Physical Therapy (grad)

Mariam Syed, Health Informatics (undergrad)

Sarah Wolber, Nutrition (grad)

Alumni Ambassadors

Ajala, Olutosin - Nutrition

Hello! My name is Tosin Ajala, I’m from Lawrenceville, Georgia and I’m a senior nutrition student here at Georgia State University. I decided to attend… more »

Huffman, Anna - Nutrition

My name is Anna Huffman and I am a 21-year-old senior in the Didactic Program in Dietetics. My passion for nutrition goes beyond my love… more »

Kelkar, Maya - Nursing

Maya Kelkar is a senior nursing major at Georgia State. She remains active in the Georgia State community through her roles… more »

Nguyen, Cindy - Health Informatics

My name is Cindy Nguyen and I am a senior in the Health Informatics program. My future goal is to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Health Informatics and apply to physician assistant programs.

Sabina, Olivia - Nutrition

I am from Atlanta, Georgia born and raised. My major is dietetics with a plan to go into sports nutrition.

Young, Bradley - Respiratory Therapy

Hello my Name is Bradley Young. I am senior Respiratory Therapy major here at Georgia State. I currently serve as a Student Assistant in the Department of Student Health Promotion and I have been a Peer Health Educator for 3 years now.