Technology Requirements


The Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions has technology requirements for all students.


You will need to have the following hardware and software:


-> Pent IV 1.4 Ghz
-> 1024 MB RAM
-> 30GB Free Harddrive space
-> Working sound card and drivers for audio lectures/videos
-> webcam
-> USB ports
-> Working Network or Wifi capability

USB headset/USB
conference mic
(for virtual meetings/classes)
-> MAC OS X,
-> Windows 10, 8, 7
-> Linux (not supported by CNHP)
-> Java software
-> 2 working browsers (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Waterfox, Google Chrome)
-> Webex
-> Kaltura
-> Respondus Lockdown Browser
-> Enable Java, cookies, and pop ups for iCollege and GSU website
-> 2 media players
-> An Office Productivity Suite like MS Office or Open Office
-> Adobe Acrobat plug-in
-> flash/shockwave plug-in
-> Ability to download software from GSU technology site



We recommend at least 2 browsers in case one stops working properly for a specific task. iCollege course management system (CMS) maybe affected by updates in your browser, operating system or Java software. You may find a particular feature like uploading a file malfunctioning. In such cases, you may have to reload the browser page or try an alternative browser. We have no control over how updates affect our course management system.


Students are also required to download and install the Respondus Lockdown Browser for their desktop computers.  This browser is used to increase exam integrity by preventing test takers from switching to other applications during testing period.  Once an instructor turns on the Lockdown Browser setting, students are required to take exam using the Respondus Lockdown Browser only.  You may download and install the browser via a link that is available on the iCollege exam.  Most instructors make a sample exam to provide the link to students.  Do not wait until the final moment of availability of your exam/quiz to download and install Respondus Lockdown Browser. Download only the GSU version of Respondus Lockdown browser; do not download via search engine.

NOTE: If your browser is set to automatically download a file you select for download, then check your default download directory for any downloaded file, i.e. audio files, documents, programs etc. Otherwise your computer will ask where to save a downloadable file. Be aware of where your computer will save files downloaded through iCollege.


We recommend at least 2 media players in case one stops working properly or fails to load a type of file. Audio or video lectures stored on GSU’s I-tunes University will require a media player such as I-tunes or VLC media player. You are responsible for keeping your computer updated with the appropriate software.


Participation in an online course requires knowledge of computer technology. In order to participate successfully in an online course, you should already be able to:

  • Access and use all basic features of iCollege course management system
    • Adding your profile
    • Managing notifications to your email or phone
    • Accessing all student resources including help pages from iCollege home page
    • Navigating
    • Assignment Dropbox
    • Discussions
    • Quizzes/surveys
    • Grades and feedback including Turnitin Feedback
    • Email
    • Course Resources
    • Course tools
      • Panopto – Audio/video lectures from lecture capture system
      • Webex
      • Kaltura
  • Use basic features of any Office suite
    • Use a word processing program to:
      • Create, format, edit, spell check, save, and print a document.
      • Cut, copy, and paste information.
      • Save a word processing document in txt, rtf, doc, or docx format as requested.
    • Use a spreadsheet program to:
      • Create, format, edit, spell check, save, and print a spreadsheet.
      • Cut, copy, and paste information.
      • Create graphs.
    • Use a presentation program to:
      • create a presentation
      • display the presentation in presentation mode and present
      • display and conduct presentation in other mediums like Webex
    • Use a web browser to view, navigate, and search for information on the Internet and create/maintain user accounts.
    • Ability to use portable devices such as tablet, smart phone, digital camera, clicker. Ability to upload from a device like a computer, tablet, or phone.
    • Ability to connect to an accessible Wifi (wireless) network. GSU has a GSU Guest and GSU wireless networks . Use your campusid and password to connect.
    • Cite reference sources for research
    • Use GSU library Resources


Computer training sessions are available to students and we expect that students are proficient in iCollege course management. We suggest that all students avail themselves of any and all technological support early in the semester as successful completion of the course is dependent upon the student’s proficiency in the web-enhanced activities. For iCollege orientation sessions, contact Miguel Muirhead, educational technology specialist (404-413-1188 or

The instructor should be made aware of any course-wide difficulties; however, individual student’s technology difficulties are not the responsibility of the instructor or the teaching assistant.


You may be registered for a course that requires online access to the course pack from the textbook publisher’s website, ( These textbooks may come with an access code to the publishers website. Please use the access code and create an account for yourself at the publishers website if required. Some assignments may be accessed via the publishers website. For specific problems dealing with the course pack you will have to call or email the publisher. Publishers are working to integrate into our learning systems to make it easier.


A web-enhanced course requires students to have functional computer access. In the event of computer difficulties, students must have a back-up plan for computer access. Please note that the computer lab, which is located on the 9th floor of the Urban Life Building is available to all students. Other computers are available in the library and other locations on the main campus. Computer difficulties are not an excused absence or excuse for failed assignments. Online access is necessary for the viewing of recorded lectures, Webex online discussions and communication.




iPads, Surface, Kindle Fire, Smart phones


Zotero – for reference citations

Endnote – for reference citations

I-clickers or I-clickers app Productivity Suite such as Office
GSU Equipment Checkout



GSU Software and Computer Purchases webpage has discounts from software and computer vendors.



Lewis School Computer Lab: Urban Life Room 940, 140 Decatur Street, Atlanta, GA 30303

Lewis School Simulation Lab: Petit Science Center, Room 254, 100 Piedmont Ave, Atlanta, GA 30303

GSU Computer Labs across campus