GSU has software licenses for certain applications that are available for students, faculty and staff.  You will need a campus ID and password to download any application from GSU.ONTHE   In addition, the University of Georgia also provides the Software Resource & Services site for purchasing software at reduced prices to students, faculty and staff.  Check both sites for a list of software titles available for free or purchase.

If you would like to establish secure connection to Georgia State’s Network when off campus, please review instructions and download the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client.

SNHP has the following applications on our computers or can install these apps:

SNHP Software Table
Software Type and Title Desktops  Laptops Loaners
MS Office Suite – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, One Note, Publisher, Outlook, Sharepoint X X X
 Adobe Acrobat Reader X X X
McAfee X X X
 Audio Editors
 Audacity X
 Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer  X  X X
 Respondus Lockdown Browser X
Dropbox, iCloud X
Windows Media Player X X X
Roxio Creator DE X X X
Itunes, Quicktime X
VLC Player
 Skype  X
Endnote  X X
 SAS 9.2/Graph NV Workshop 2.1/Simulation Studio 1.2/Stat Studio 3.1  X
 Medical Terminology  X
 Medical Educational Software 
 Arterial Blood Gases, Chest Tubes and Drainage, Electrocardiography 1-3, X
 Fluids & Electrolytes, Acid base balance, Hemodynamic monitoring 1-3, chest examination X
 Food Processor SQL  X