Mission of Development Office

The mission of the Development office is to create strategic philanthropic partnerships with alumni, friends, foundations and corporations. These partnerships are mutually beneficial and the rewards are enormous. By achieving our goals to provide students and faculty with funds, we will help them succeed in their professional quests, fulfilling the mission of the school.

  • Funding for scholarships has taken on an even greater priority. Studies show that there are fewer nurses taking care of those in need. We want to motivate students with a passion for nursing to complete their studies and to find fulfilling nursing positions in the market.
  • Funding of chairs and professorships will give our students the opportunity to learn from renowned scholars and researchers.
  • Technology funding is vital. Our students need to be trained with the most current technology in state-of-the-art facilities.

To our faithful donors our deepest thanks. Our students and faculty are grateful for your support. We treasure our donors and look forward to creating new partnerships.