Key Funding Priorities

Student Scholarships
Student Scholarships are needed to attract the most qualified students and assist them financially in achieving their educational goals. Scholarships enable students, many of whom have significant family and financial responsibilities, to devote their time and energy to pursuing their academic goals. Scholarships can be endowed to honor an individual or organization, thus continuing in perpetuity.

Endowed Chairs
The goal of Endowed Chairs is to attract eminent scholars to join the faculty. Chair holders are able to use endowment income to pursue research that enriches classroom teaching, advances knowledge and solves problems in their professional fields. Endowed Chairs can be created for the college or for a specific academic program.

Endowed Professorships
The goal of Endowed Professorships is to attract the best and brightest teachers and scholars to join the faculty. Endowed Professorships allow faculty members to advance their research and teaching endeavors, and carry out work in community partnerships. Endowed Professorships can be created for the college or for a specific academic program.

Science Technology, equipment and naming opportunities at the Petit Science Lab Building
Healthcare and science education at Georgia State strives to use cutting-edge technology, equipment and techniques. Gifts for technology and equipment can be made to a specific academic program.

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