Community Partnerships

The Byrdine F. Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions is proud to offer many community partnerships. These collaborations allow students to gain invaluable field experience while devoting their talents to the areas of greatest need. Georgia State’s standard of excellence thrives on this distinctive and hands-on learning approach. The following are a few examples of community partnerships of the college.

Project Healthy Grandparents (PHG) is a service/research project whose mission is to improve the quality of life for families where grandparents are raising grandchildren in parent-absent households. PHG works to strengthen these families by providing social work and nursing services, support groups and improved access to community resources. Through these interventions, the program seeks a reduction in the stress level of grandparents and stabilization or improvement in the family’s overall physical, emotional and economic well-being. Involved in the program are faculty and students from nursing and social work as well as various other disciplines at GSU.

The Health and Wellness Collaborative provides primary and preventative healthcare to medically underserved communities. Staffed by the School of Nursing faculty, the program also provides opportunities for undergraduate and graduate nursing students to work with vulnerable urban populations.

The Laboratory for Elite Athlete Performance gives students the opportunity to collaborate with faculty using the latest high-tech equipment to evaluate performance of elite athletes, including members of various U.S. national teams.